Sunday, September 12, 2010

Grave Yard stones pk 2 & pk 1 fixed

I have 3 more stones for you. While getting this pack ready I noticed I made a mistake in my last freebie. I had resized the stones to put in the preview & I packaged the resized ones up :( The resized are still big but wanted to apologize & I upped the full size if anyone wants them. I re-upped to my pack 1 post(scroll down) & linked to the full size. You can grab them there.
I am learning from my mistakes :)

You can get the fullsized stones for pack 2 here PSP or PS
I'd Love to see anything created with them!
~Love & Light~

more freebies coming soon!!

I apologize for not posting in a few days. I just got over the strep throat today. It got bad since I couldn't get to the doctors, but all is good now. I also had a biopsy done on my uterus & will be going for the ultra sound at the end of month. I will be scheduling a hysterectomy then. Needless to say I'll be absent at the time but will be working on getting more freebies out before hand.
Please keep checking back. Thank you for the LOVELY comments, it does my heart GOOD!
~Love & Light~

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Grave pack 1

Here is the pack I mentioned. I hope somebody can use them :)
~Love & Light~
Download PSP or PS

Grave 3

I have another single grave to grab & I have a pack of 3 following. I have a thing with graveyards, when it gets close to halloween. I LOVE Halloween!! I'll be sharing all kinds of Halloween goodies here. I hope you'll check back for them.
~Love & Light~
Download PSP or PS

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Grave 2

I have another grave stone as promised. Full sized & saved as PSP & PS format.
I'd Love to see your creation if you use :)
~Love & Light~

Download PS or PSP

Grave 1

I'm posting a quick freebie, before I head to bed. I visited a couple of graveyards & took some shots to share with you all. This is my first time sharing a tube of mine. I've been taking a tubing class. Its not as easy, as I thought it would be!!!
I give kudos to all you tubers out there. I appreciate you!!
I have more to get done & I'll be sharing right here, so come back & snag them all.
They will be full sized. You are welcome to resize to your likings :) I also saved in PS & PSP format.
~Love & Light~

Download PSP or PSD