Sunday, October 24, 2010

Torn papers

I made these during a lesson I was doing. I thought they turned out to cute Not to share :) They are full sized at 300dpi. Personal use only! I hope someone can use them.

download here
This link is no longer available. I will be posting a tagger size link.


  1. so sorry , but 67 Mb for just 10 papers , who needs that kind of resolution ? Tagger size or just 10 Mb would be fine

  2. You are so right!! Thank you for pointing that out to me:) I have tagger size ready. I am still learning sizes & resolution & what it is that people want. Input is Always welcome here!!

  3. The link to the "Torn Papers" is a dead link.

  4. Everyone can't be, just make them in both "Full size & Taggers size"
    Myself? I can use them in both size.
    Keep up the great work!

  5. anonymous- Sorry I took the link down. I updated in a new post. Thank you for stopping by :)
    Thank you MrMom ((HUGS))