Friday, July 29, 2011

Sunflower with Bumble Bee background Freebie

Here is a photo I took & just Loved. I wanted to share it with you all :)
I hope someone likes & can use these. Personal use Only!

© Willogemz Designz

Download HERE

Thursday, June 23, 2011

PPC Exclusive Kit

I completely forgotten to post this exclusive. I'm so mad at myself!
Mindy Mae & I put together a Valentines kit, awhile back. It is a PPC exclusive.
If you would like to snag these exclusives, you will need to join "PSP Party Central".
We hope to see you there!! Its a Party all the time, Nothing but Fun things to do!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Brush set #1 "Fractal Hearts"

I'm learning to make brushes & came up with this set to share. I sure hope someone can use them :)

You can grab them here


Monday, June 13, 2011

Twisted Extra's

I had spent a week in a camper with my kids & hubby & got some Mojo :)
I came up with a set of extra's, using a FUN(ptu) kit called "You & Me = Rock" by Bea's Creations. Artist is 'Zlata M' & can be found Here.

Now for the "Twisted" Extra's.....HERE.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Framed Beauty,Tutorial result

I don't know why I haven't done this before....probably because life has limited my computer time :P

I'll be posting my results to tutorials I play with & the scraps I use.
I always make extra's & post to my fotki page. I'll share that link aswell :)

I played with this Beautiful tutorial for a, "tutorial contest" we had at PSP Party Central
We have so much FUN & Lots of things to do. It is a copyright compliant forum & there is always someone around to help if needed! Come join us & mention my name, we'd Love to have you!!

The tutorial is called "Framed Beauty" by 'LadyHawwk Designs'. The Scrap is by Crazy caritas scraps, called "Turn Back time" & is now a FTU kit. It is supplied from the tutorial site with permission.

You may grab my extra's from my 'Photobucket'site, HERE. Fotki wouldn't let me upload today :(
Snag all you want!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Rainbow sweets

I have a freebie for you :) I started this a month ago & wanted it done by Easter. My back, didn't let that happen. I got some injections in my lumbar area & hope it will allow me to sit here a get another kit out soon. My 2 1/2 month old laptop, is in the shop due to a 4 month old labradoodle(Bella) & a glass of Mt. Dew :( I was just getting comfortable with it Bella doesn't like to see me at the computer for very long, either. She has destroyed a mouse & chewed up speaker wires all while I'm away from home. I've had to puppy proof alittle better! Duct tape works well for hiding computer cords :)
Off to my freebie. I sure hope you like it!! This kit has lots of fun things to play with; especially, SWEETS.

Grab elements here
Grab papers here
It is tagger sized(72 dpi) & not all shown in the preview.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bright Days of Spring FREEBIE

I have something special for you all. This kit has alot of possibilities!! This is why I made 2 previews ;) I am so EXCITED for Spring. My Favorite time of the year, watching my flowers come back to life. I have greenery emerging from the grown...WoooHooooooo :)

On with the kit.......
I'm still learning & I put alot of time in this kit, making sure everything was perfect & Pretty. I hope you all will like it & leave me some Love if you download it...Please, it does my heart good :)

Grab the Kit here, Thank you for stopping by!!!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Finally finished PS lessons :)

Hello *Waving*

I been focusing on finishing & graduating Photoshop lessons & I have finally done it...woot...woot!!
Now I can get some freebies out, that I have been making along the way. They will be coming real soon. I will be doing, Mask, templates, styles etc...
I will be posting the extras I make, after creating a tag from tutorials I do & posting the link to the tuts. I have been tagging for 5 yrs. & enjoy doing it !!!
I am just completely obsessed with PSP & PS. I will be writing tutorials soon & starting a new blog just for those. I'll post the link when I do :)
Thank you for the sweet comments & stopping by my blog. This blog is about to be BUSY so stop back & see what I have to offer.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Flower Stickers set1

So much has happened since I got my new laptop, I haven't been able to create & Enjoy it :/ My mother & Grandfather where both in the hospital at the same time w/double pnemonia. They r both out now & doing fine :) I had x-ray's done on my back. I have been in some serious pain & this isn't the first time & it gets worse everytime it happens. Results are, Arthritis & Disc Degenerative disease on top of my fibromyalgia flaring up :( Next trip to a specialist to talk about injections. I'd be lying if I said "I wasn't scared".
I am working on a bunch of things all at once. Firts thing...I'm making my own web page & will be putting all kinds of PSP & PS goodies there. I'm taking web design & all the things I have learned about PSP/PS in the last 5 yrs. has finally been put to good use LOL. It has made my lessons a Cinch so far. I whipped up a cheesy freebie. I'm feeling guilty for not keeping up with my blog lately. I'm trying to get back on track.
I made a set of flower stickers & hope someone can use them. You can grab them here.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

WOW...I'm giddy !!

I finally got my new laptop, built to handle all the things I do. PSP,PS & animation shop....that is :)My desktop was KILLING my back & it was slow as a snail!!!! I hate waiting for pages to load etc. Being a mother to 6 doesn't give me alot of free time so when I get on......I want things to move *FAST* LOL. I also dislike my page now. It looks so different on this monitor. I definitely need to make my backgrounds bigger! Learn something NEW everyday :)
I'll be getting a couple more freebies out REAL soon. I hope you'll stop back!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Blog has Attitude Award

Woot Woot my very first Award :) Thank you Kelz for nominating me, I was so surprised & tickled to death over it!!

In order to qualify for the $5.00 Digi's with Attitude! Gift Certificate,
you must state 3 things that make you different from everyone else and you must nominate 5 blogs.
Lastly you must display the Blog Award Badge (above) in your sidebar and link it back to the Digi's With Attitude! Blog.

If you have been awarded the "I got Attitude! Blog Award" and you have followed all the steps please email to claim your Gift Certificate.
Include your full name and your blog name. Only one Gift Certificate per person & blog please.
Gift Certificates will be sent to you within 48 hours of receipt on a business day via a reply to the email received.

Okay, 3 things that make me different from everyone else...
1. I have 12 piercings(now & days, not so different).
2. I'm obsessed with re-arranging my house lol.
OMG this is tough....I always feel different from the norms in my town but when I'm online with my PSP friends, I feel nothing is different about me. If ya really need a 3rd one...
3. I can't sit still for very long. I have to always be doing something or I feel guilt & I don't like feeling guilt!

Blogs I have nominated for the award....
1. Toxic Desirez I have been a huge fan since day 1 of my psp journey!!!
2. Schnegge's Tuts & Tags Another Fave since the beginning of learning.
3. Om's World is Truley a Beautiful person to have in your life.
4. Deadly Desire Tags is one of the finest taggers I know & has an Always list u should get on :)
5. Butterfly Kisses PSP World is the newest tutorials I have been playing with~FUN~.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Serenity freebie

This kit was alot of fun to make. I hope someone can use it & if you do, I'd love to see your results!! Thank you for all the sweet compliments I have received. It encourages me to make many more freebies :) Please stop back by & see what I come up with next. Huge hugs!!
Download Here

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sunflower photo freebie

OMG, I am sooo sick of looking at this layout! Its time to do something about it :)
I have a freebie for you today. I Love photography & decided to do something with my photo's. I only made it to the first picture lol. © belongs to me. Please give me credit if you use, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm so sick of winter allready & thought sunflowers would brighten my day & yours. I hope someone can find use for this collection!!
Download here

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I Love You Freebie

FINALLY!!!! A freebie :)
I Love Valentines Day so I decided to get a jump start on it & make a tagger sized scrap kit. Took me 3 days LMAO :P I will start making full sized ones here on out aswell. I want everyone to have a little bit of something :) I made preset shapes to make the chromed frames. After I get a few more made, I'll share the shapes! I also made my own styles & will share them, soon! I am dedicating myself to improving in every way. I Love designing through PSP & PS. More freebies coming soon!!
I love all my friends & appreciate the support.
Please show me anything you make with my scraps. I would LOVE to see them!!
Made with Love......

Download here