Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sunflower photo freebie

OMG, I am sooo sick of looking at this layout! Its time to do something about it :)
I have a freebie for you today. I Love photography & decided to do something with my photo's. I only made it to the first picture lol. © belongs to me. Please give me credit if you use, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm so sick of winter allready & thought sunflowers would brighten my day & yours. I hope someone can find use for this collection!!
Download here


  1. Thanks for the sunflowers! They sure brighten up this winter´s day... :)

  2. Your sunflowers are beautiful ... thank you for sharing your talent.
    But I can't get the download link to work??

  3. Thank you ladies for being so sweet!!! I checked the link & its working for me. If you check back & its still not working, I can up to somewhere else. email me willogem@gmail.com
    Thank you again :)